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Maria Grazia Albanesi (in English)


Maria Grazia Albanesi

Maria Grazia Albanesi (pagina in italiano)

Maria Grazia Albanesi has been Associate Professor of Computer Science at Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering of the University of Pavia (Italy)  until February 2024, where she coordinated several research activities regarding image analysis and processing, within projects supported by both industry and public institutions.

Her  research interests focused on (a) signal and image analysis and understanding for image retrieval, image quality and similarity assessment; and (b) model definition and applications for Computational Sustainability based on visual data ((in collaboration with Life Sciences researchers, with a multidisciplinary approach).

At the University of Pavia, she has been Professor both in courses of the Bachelor Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering and in the  International Master’s Degree (Second Cycle Degree) in Computer Engineering.

After retiring from the University of Pavia, Maria Grazia Albanesi is currently dedicating herself to writing books and articles and to scientific outreach in invited seminars and talks.

Curriculum at a glance:

In 2014 she founded the Computational Sustainability Unit (CSU).

She has been Associate Professor at the University of Pavia since November 1,1998.

She received her PhD. in Electronic, Computer and Electrical Engineering in 1992 with a thesis entitled “Integrated VLSI architectures for signal and image processing”.

She graduated cum laude in 1986 at the Faculty of Engineering of Pavia with a thesis entitled “Visual perception and image compression”.




Curriculum vitae et studiorum (in English)

Curriculum vitae et studiorum (in Italian)